January 23, 2018

Yet another challenge--this time in the form of a bar top! On a Saturday afternoon after a lazy brunch, Tory and I spent the day antiquing but with purpose (I know...that doesn't sound rough at all...but it's coming). We were hunting for some vintage items to add a personal touch to The Whiskey Chaser. While walking through the isles at Urban Ore (a local salvage yard) and seeing many cool things but nothing we needed, we happened to almost trip ove...

January 10, 2018

Our baby got a facelift and she is looking so fresh and so clean! But the decision didn't come easily (at least for one of us). I'll get to this juicy story in a minute, because I need to backtrack a bit.

After 4 weekends spent driving the trailer back and forth to our welder in Benicia, CA, we exulted and praised the heavens once all of the metal work had been completed! Hanging with our welder, Austin, was a pleasure (especially during a welcome Chick-F...

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