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We Made It Home!

The Whiskey Chaser on its first voyage home. Rusted, old and full of charm--this diamond in the rough is destined for a new life.

Hailing from beyond Tracy, California, rusting away in the sun and blistering heat, this old trailer just earned itself a new shot at life! Today was the day we made the decision to start this new journey. Borrowing our friend's overly embellished throaty Dodge Ram, we rumbled down the freeway, excited to bring our new baby home.

The rusted beast of a trailer,reflecting heat waves in the dry heat, sat waiting in the parking lot of a truck stop diner. The moment we exited the freeway and pulled in, we knew in an instant that it was 'perfect'. We met the the owner, discussed and purchased. Simple, huh? Smooth sailing until we hitched up and tried to drive away.

Screeeeeeeeechhhh! The wheels locked up and the trailer refused to roll an inch unless yanked harshly by the half ton hemi Ram behemoth. When the wires were disconnected, it rolled effortlessly, but when plugged in, the trailer brakes seized up like me watching a scary movie. A half hour flies by before we realize that the truck's wiring had been reworked, utilizing the tow wiring to power some fancy running lights--I guess not all pickups are destined for the towing life. But we were determined to get our new beauty home. How?

Illegal is how we rolled (shhhh, it never happened...). Shamelessly and as safely as we could, we braved the mostly empty midday highway hitched but wireless. We avoided arrest and we made it home safely, where this picture was taken, safe and sound. The Whiskey Chaser was thus born out of troubleshooting determination. I'm sure there will be many more adventures to come. Stay tuned as we keep you informed! In the meantime, take a look at our new love. You may struggle to see it now, but give it a little time and she will be restored and ready for a whole new life!

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