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Oh, What Color?

Our baby got a facelift and she is looking so fresh and so clean! But the decision didn't come easily (at least for one of us). I'll get to this juicy story in a minute, because I need to backtrack a bit.

After 4 weekends spent driving the trailer back and forth to our welder in Benicia, CA, we exulted and praised the heavens once all of the metal work had been completed! Hanging with our welder, Austin, was a pleasure (especially during a welcome Chick-Fil-A break) and we loved seeing the trailer change from horse to bar...the issue was getting it there each day! I currently work until 4am serving up drinks in Downtown SF. After a quick cat-nap, we were waking up at sunrise to grab a Uhaul pickup (as I mentioned, our cars at the time were not suitable to pull the loaded trailer weight). On the last weekend of welding, we dealt with Uhaul loosing the reservation and having to Uber to three different rental locations before we found an available truck to rent. This schedule quickly led to me being groggy and sleep deprived. So when it was all over and done with, we both celebrated--I could finally get some sleep and Tory no longer had to deal with my overworked sassy-pants fits. Yay!

Now back to the paint. After looking at photos of a few other transformed trailers from different parts of the country, amazing blue ones, eye catching green ones--the colorful ones seemed to catch my eye. Tory loved them too, but then made a valid point. Let's keep it easy for our brides and grooms to come. Tory, fresh off of planning our own wedding, had a clear understanding that making everything fit within a wedding color scheme was a never ending battle. If we went with white, the husband-and-wife-to-be could style the trailer to fit the personalized decor of their own wedding. Okay, good point. But I like living on the edge, taking chances, being a rebel. Let's be dangerous, if by dangerous I mean picking an glossy earth-toned paint color. I harped for hours trying to trick Tory into seeing some sort of shade on the trailer, despite her best efforts to ignore my ranting. Yup, guess who won that battle. Admittedly, she is the brains of this operation and I got schooled. So, white it is. But it turns out she was right, as always. I think it looks great and can fit in at any event. What do you think? I'd love to hear.

Now that the welding and paint is complete, we need to get to work! The inside of the trailer is empty and the rest of this project will be DIY'd by us. Time to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty! I guess I won't be getting that sleep after all! :-P

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