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Sparks Are Finally Flying!

Another challenge, but we are finally moving along! One step closer to turning this rusty beast into a beautiful bar. Who knew it would be so difficult to find someone to help with body work on an old horse trailer! We will be taking on the restoration and renovation ourselves, but before we get started, we need some help. Welding is not our forte!

We have spent the past several weeks calling every body shop in town. Nope--none would work on a horse trailer. So we tried body shops outside of town. Maybe if we searched further out in farm land, they would be more comfortable with working on a horse trailer. Nope--they refused as well. So we contacted vintage RV restoration companies. Surely, if they could fancy up an old airstream, they could handle some metal work on our trailer. No luck--they didn't see the appeal of restoring an old rusty animal trailer into a vintage bar. So we hit Craigslist and finally found our solution! Thank you to Austin, an apprentice welder looking for a challenge and a place to express his creativity. The perfect fit for what we needed.

We towed the trailer out to meet him in his shop in Vallejo today, and got our first glimpse at future-bar-to-be. We still have a lot more welding to go, but with the bar window cut out and the rust slowly being patched, our spirits were lifted. Maybe this isn't such a crazy idea after all...

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