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...a boy and a girl,

and their search for

the perfect cocktail!

A few years back, husband and wife team, Chad and Tory, found themselves deep in their own whirlwind of wedding planning. With a seemingly endless list of decision-making ahead of them, they knew that one aspect should be stress-free...THE DRINKS!


Chad, a trained mixologist, sought

a bartending service that offered creative craft cocktails with

fresh ingredients and innovative tastes. Tory was looking for a memorable bar experience - one that would set itself apart from other events to create an unforgettable party for their guests. They searched high and low for the

bar service they envisioned, but

to no avail. From this search,

The Whiskey Chaser was born!

In 2017, the newlyweds purchased a vintage horse trailer, covered in rust and plenty of charm. Over the next year, they worked together to restore and transform it into the perfect mobile bar. Providing an innovative craft cocktail experience was the intention, but The Whiskey Chaser has become much more than that, adding a unique and unforgettable ambiance to any event. With Chad as lead bartender, and Tory heading up event planning and decor, The Whiskey Chaser travels throughout California

adding a memorable touch to

events statewide.

Photo by Sara Cozolino Photography

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